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Affordable SEO services for small businesses and big companies in Kenya
Affordable SEO services for small businesses and big companies in Kenya

Affordable SEO services for small businesses and big companies in Kenya

Affordable SEO services are important for any business, whether small or large-scale. Thanks to recent technology, cheap SEO services are now easily available for any kind of business venture. SEO (search engine optimization) is a crucial marketing strategy that can raise the number of customers and retain more in any business.

Affordable SEO services

Businesses all the world are now scaling thanks to the affordable SEO services. The use of SEO services is a great way of investing in a business because it saves money that is use in pay per click campaigns. Services such as copy-writing, web design and blogging are all part of SEO. Any of these can be broken down to fit any business budget.

Affordable SEO services for small businesses

There are several affordable SEO services for small businesses. Such low-cost SEO services can be provided by:

1.WordPress which creates an optimized, mobile-friendly website at an affordable price

2.Page Speed Insights which is provided by Google and is useful for website analysis

3.GT Metrix used for website testing and to monitor website behavior

4.CognitiveSEO Toolset which is helpful for website architecture and structuring

5.Xenu Sleuth Link which identifies errors and missing tags for your website.

Why should you invest in SEO services?

For any business, the use of SEO services is a great approach to encourage growth of your business. Affordable search engine optimization services ensure more visibility and better brand recognition while saving you money. This in turn, creates much more opportunities that turn into profitable sales.

How much does SEO cost?

While most businesses pay $1,500 to $5,000 per month, it is possible to get SEO at $10000 or $20,000 for effective growth. However, according to Forbes, a solid SEO campaign costs $2,000 going upwards. It is important to invest in a good search engine optimization service that will promote targeted traffic to your website. In turn, this will yield returns to your business because of potential clients.

Affordable vs. cheap services

Affordable SEO packages are different from cheap SEO services. Affordable search engine optimization services provide measurable results as well as reliable service. How affordable SEO service is to a business may vary depending on the size of the organization and their marketing budget. For a small business, an affordable SEO solution may range from $500 to $1,500 while for a large-scale organization it is $7,000 to $15,000 per month.

On the other hand, cheap search engine optimization services may be low-cost but poor performing. As a business owner, it may seem as cost-saving but in reality, it is destructive to the business because the investment made may not return any profits. Many agencies providing low-cost SEO services usually provide surface-based approaches to website optimization. Most of these approaches are lackluster and rarely provide tangible results.

9 affordable SEO services

There are several affordable search engine optimization services. All of these services depend on what the marketing budget and the Some of them include:

SEO audit

SEO audit is the process of examining your website and measuring how effective it is for your business or company. It involves much of website diagnosis for on-page and off-page optimization as well as identifying any technical issues with your website. SEO auditing increases your chances of high ranking by the search engine through indexing and finding of algorithms.

Some helpful tools for search engine optimization include: –

1.Google Analytics – this is a free tool by Google. It can be used to review your website and recommend steps to be taken for SEO improvement

2.Ahrefs– it is an all-inclusive tool with an audit feature that provides you with actionable steps to correct SEO issues

3.SE Ranking– is an all-in-one tool used for generating issue reports recommendations on the same. It costs $39.20 a month

4.SEO Site Checkup– a combination of tools that identify the most common SEO issues and provide step-by-step videos on how to solve them. Goes for $26.95 a month.

5. SEMrush– provides a 360-degree approach on auditing your site. It is about

Competitor analysis

SEO competitor analysis is the process of evaluating your SEO competition while analyzing that information and using it to boost your own website’s SEO and go up in the search engine rankings. It is an affordable SEO method and can be used to determine how much effort should be used to outrank your website competitors.  Some useful tips for SEO competitor analysis are SEO keyword competitor analysis, focusing on search intent and locating and filling content gaps in your competitor’s content.

Custom content strategy

This is a SEO strategy that is aimed at existing customers and not new ones. The main aim is to inform and engage your current audience, in a unique brand manner. Custom content strategy involves actions that reinforce brand image, position a business as an expert inn the industry and communicate the business value of existing products and services among other things.

Off-page optimization

It refers to the measures taken outside of your actual website so as to improve its position in search engine rankings. These measures ensure the website has many high-quality backlinks. It involves actions such as linking your social media platforms, in-page links to related topics, references from other websites and guest-posting among others. Off-page optimization is important for search engine optimization as it ensure your website is legitimate through other websites.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization is the process of optimizing parts in your website so that they can rank better on search engines and therefore gain more search engine traffic. It includes measures such as updating the current content, changing title tags and better placement of keywords. This type of SEO is effective as it ensures improved user experience which portrays a good image to potential clients.

Technical SEO

This refers to back-end website optimization. Technical SEO involves actions such as website architecture, URL structure, image compression and log file analysis. This process ensures invisible elements of a website make it work precisely for indexing and crawling.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a major digital marketing strategy. Your content will prompt search engines and potential customers to your value.  This in turn moves you up on search engine results. There are several beneficial online resources available for content marketing, including many that are free.

Video marketing SEO

In this era of the internet, use of video marketing has proved to be very effective, especially for small businesses. Creating videos around what people are searching for is one of the main strategies in video marketing SEO. Many free video editing apps are also available which makes it even more affordable. Other useful tips are:

1. Keyword structuring with special attention to titles, descriptions of the videos and relevant links.

2.Reformatting of the content into video format, for example a popular podcast episode.

3.Including a captivating thumbnail.

Social media platform

Social media as a digital marketing approach is one of the most affordable SEO strategies. It can effectively boost the number of visitors to your website and improve your search engine page (SERP) results. Social media SEO engages potential clients while providing useful and entertaining content at the same time.

Local SEO

Search engines provide location-based answers to queries. Using local SEO services is another way of boosting search engine results. There are several ways to do this such as:

1.Claiming and updating your free Google Business Profile.

2.Encouraging customers to post business reviews.

3.Use of social media marketing.

4.Partnering up with another local business for promotions and backlinking.

Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is very useful in website search engine optimization. It prompts a search engine to move your content higher on the search engine results page. This kind of SEO means including the keywords in a variety of locations such as meta descriptions, links (both internal and navigational, title tags and social media posts among others. Using this, you should consider keyword relevance and keyword competitiveness.

Voice SEO

This is the optimization of keywords and keyword phrases for searches made using voice assistants such as Alexa or Siri. According to SEO experts, voice SEO is recommended for websites to show up on searches made through voice assistants. It involves tactics such as inclusion of more conversational phrases and terms so as to imitate real-life conversations.

Although some may argue that it is irrelevant because the voice searches are turned into texts, note that to cater to the needs of all potential clients. This is necessary to better understand how to prompt search engines to rank the websites higher up on the search engine results page.


ASO or app store optimization is a strategy that improves an app’s visibility in an app store. This is done in a similar way as search engine optimization. ASO uses tactics such as use of optimized keywords, applicable images and detailed but specific descriptions. Increased visibility leads to increased rankings and therefore, increased downloads.

SEO consulting

This type of SEO service is very effective. It involves seeking out a SEO consulting specialist to provide insight on current search engine results ranking and issues as well as suggestions on how to overcome them. SEO consulting is time-saving and get your website to be more successful much faster. However, it is important to ensure the SEO consulting specialist matches your business needs depending on their approach and experience.

How to pick the right SEO company to work with?

Picking the right SEO company for your business is a specific process. This is because SEO companies vary from their price to how they work. The process involves steps such as establishing of their referrals and previous relationships, finding out client reviews and online reviews and making inquiries directly to the company.  It is important to establish a company’s reliability through their previous successes so as to know if and how they best fit your business needs.

Where to find SEO services?

SEO services are available both locally and internationally. Most SEO companies can be found on Google with their contact details. Affordable SEO services are now easily available thanks to recent technologies.

Local SEO services for small businesses

  • TopOnline Consultants local SEO

This is a service that specializes in local SEO services for business websites. Overall, TopOnlineConsultants provides services such as keyword research, local SEO and technical SEO. It is perfect for small businesses as it is location-bound.

It is a SEO service that provides all-in-one solutions for search engine optimization. 1SEO involves strategies such as content marketing, SEO auditing and analysis and SEO consulting, among many other services.

Best SEO services for small businesses

  • Project-based SEO

This type of SEO services has a precise beginning and end that is agreed upon before the project begins. It is most commonly used in SEO audit and technical SEO. This is because it requires less on-going maintenance for the website.

  • Hourly SEO

Hourly SEO services are provided by SEO consultants and high-ranking SEO agencies. It is great for small businesses who want to build a strategy that will encourage internal growth. These services range from $20 to $50 an hour.

  • Retainer-based SEO

This kind of SEO is the most common one and is usually interval-based, for example, monthly. Retainer-based SEO services are agreed upon for a set of actionable SEO services. It usually ranges from $1,500 for small businesses but will depend on the services provided. Talk to our experts to get offers.

SEO services provider

For small businesses, the best SEO services are those that work best with the budget while growing the business at the same time. According to, some of the best SEO services are provided by:

TopOnlineConsultants common SEO

TopOnlineConsultants has a great reputation for creating and executing effective SEO strategies for all kinds of businesses. It offers a variety of services such as technical SEO, link-building, SEO audits and SEO analysis among others. All of its services are fitted for a business exact goals and needs.

It is a digital marketing agency that precisely focuses on traffic-boosting and conversion-based SEO services. Victorious is especially used to launch new websites. Moreover, it offers services such as SEO audit and analytics, keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization and SEO content services among others.

TopOnlineConsultants 360 SEO services

TopOnlineConsultants is an agency that specializes in SEO services. It creates a custom strategy for every website that it works with. Furthermore, it offers monthly plans starting at $1375 per month for small businesses. This digital marketing agency uses the acronym ‘ROCKET’ in search engine optimization. R for research, O for optimization, C for content, K for keywords, E for earned media and backlinks and T for testing. This approach has made TopOnlineConsultants one of the best in SEO services.

TopOnlineConsultants ecommerce SEO

This is a marketing agency best known for its SEO services in e-commerce businesses. TopOnlineConsultants specializes in services such as website and brand setup, SEO audits, product optimization and competitor research. It is also exceptional in generating traffic for a business website.

Best low-cost SEO services

Any business is budget-sensitive, especially when it comes to marketing. In digital marketing, there are several ways to achieve low-cost SEO services. Some of these are:

  • Google Autosuggest & Keyword Planner

Google Autosuggest has proved to be a really useful tool to find out what people are searching for on the internet in real time. If you start typing in a specific keyword, Google will fill in the rest. Moreover, on the search engine results page, you can find a list of highlighted keywords which you can use.

  • Reddit

Reddit is a very effective resource that can be used for finding new and trendy topics in your niche. Also, it is great because it allows for real-time engagement which is perfect for consulting services in a business. It is very low-cost considering the app is free to download and operate. There you can determine if you’re a good fit and offer your services.

  • Blog commenting

This can be done through identifying blogs or websites offering content about related topics to your business and engaging with them. Blog commenting is a low cost SEO strategy based on interaction. The goal is to establish connections with other websites or bloggers in your niche. Afterwards, maybe you can get them to promote your website on their blog.

  • Google Business profile

Google Business Profile is one of the most crucial SEO services for a local small business. It is successful as a marketing strategy but getting high ranking is hardly easy. However, it is possible through a set of practices such as asking for customer reviews and securing a place in the local newspaper. GMB is very effective for promoting your business locally.

Affordable local SEO services

There are several ways to access affordable SEO services as a small or large-business. Your choice will depend on your preferences, goals and size of the business. Some of them are:

  • Content creation

With rising numbers of content creators, there is critical need for unique and engaging content. Such content that will captivate your audience and make them remember you. This is a powerful but low-cost search engine optimization strategy that is sure to be as effective as any.

  • On-site optimization

Every page and link on your website needs to be functional. Therefore, precise analysis of each is important. Once completed, they can be submitted to Google for crawling and indexing.  Also, page quality is often determined by its loading speed where higher ranking pages have very little loading time.

  • Link building

Backlinking your site is the most credible way to determine that you are a legitimate entity. In the process of building a link profile, meaningless links can prove to be destructive. Therefore, conducting creative promotions will enable you to get honest responses from potential clients.

Cheap SEO services in USA

The United States of America has one of the cheapest digital marketing services across the globe. Some of these low-cost SEO service providers are:

  • TopOnlineConsultants SEO services in New York

TopOnlineConsultants is a SEO solution provider based in New York, Unites States of America. It is known for its AI-driven digital marketing. Also, it carries out website ranking, content marketing, video marketing and social media enablement.

  • TopOnlineConsultants content services in United States

It is a content-driven SEO service provider that has worked with famous companies such as Google. Some of the features of TopOnlineConsultants are guest posting, press releases, social media posting and video marketing among others.

  • TopOnlineConsultants keyword research

TopOnlineConsultants is a company that provides keyword-driven services. Also, it is one of the most affordable SEO providers across the Unites States. Some of its services are keyword and market research, accurate SEO auditing, on-page SEO and content optimization among others.

Cheap SEO services Australia

In Australia, there are several affordable search engine optimization service providers for any businesses, whether small or large-scale. Some of them include:

  • TopOnlineConsultants SEO plans

TopOnlineConsultants Low-cost SEO plans is a return-on-investment (ROI)-driven SEO company based in Sydney, Australia. It is affordable and very suitable for small businesses. Some of its outstanding features are content marketing, website optimization, competitor research and analysis and video marketing.

  • TopOnlineConsultants Digital search group

It is an affordable SEO solutions provider known as the number one SEO agency in Australia. The TopOnlineConsultants subsidiary digital search group that provides a selection of dynamic and affordable packages for small businesses. Some of its strategies are SEO auditing, technical SEO, website analysis and on-page and off-page optimization.

  • TopOnlineConsultants Digital Australia

TopOnlineConsultants is an experienced SEO agency that provides low-cost services to businesses in Sydney, Australia. It is known for its transparency in its services. Some of the said services are keyword optimization, blog writing, SEO ranking reports and content auditing among others.

  • TopOnlineConsultants Internet Advertising

It is a TopOnlineConsultants subsidiary professional SEO company that is focused search results ranking for websites. This is all achieved through high-quality content provision, link-building and social media content optimization. TopOnlineConsultants is suited especially for small businesses because it is affordable and results-bound.

Cheap SEO services Dubai

Being a very business-driven region, Dubai is primarily focused on digital marketing services. Some of its providers include:

  • TopOnlineConsultants Soft link company

Softlink is a very afforadeble SEO agency in the UAE. It is especially focused on ensuring your website ranks top on the search engine rezults page. Furthermore, it provides services such as on-page and off-page optimization, website auditing, keyword research and content marketing.

  • TopOnlineConsultants Low-cost SEO group Dubai

As the name suggests, it is a low-cost SEO company that aims to provide high-quality services. LowcostSEO offers cheap search engine optimization for startup businesses and establish a powerful online presence. Its tactics include keyword research, content analysis and marketing, website auditing and technical SEO.

  • TopOnlineConsultants SPS

TopOnlineConsultants SPS is a unique digital marketing agency based in Dubai that offers a 14-day free trial for any willing clients. Apart from this, we offer SEO audit, competitions reports, paid search marketing and social media marketing. All of these have made them stand out as an affordable SEO service provider.

Affordable SEO services FAQs

How much should SEO services cost?

SEO services vary in prices where it is normally cheaper for smaller businesses as compared to bigger companies. Some agencies also charge hourly rates while some charge monthly rates. Hourly rates start from $75 to $200 per hour and monthly rates start from $1,500 to $15,000 per month.

What is the cheapest SEO tool?

According to, the cheapest SEO tool is Mangools. It goes for as little as $49 per month. Mangools is also very easy to use. Also, it  is suitable for any kind of business that needs cheap search engine optimization.

Can I do SEO for free?

Google Business Profile is a free SEO tool. It is provided for by Google to manage your listing when somebody searches for your business. Google Business Profile also places your business on Google Maps for local SEO.

Can I get SEO services at affordable price?

Yes, affordable SEO companies exist. The affordability of any service all depends on the existing business budget and the extent of the work to be done. Cheap SEO services do not always mean low-cost but most cheap SEO packages are considered low quality.

What is the average cost for SEO services?

SEO services averagely range from $1,500 going upwards. The price may vary greatly for small businesses and large-scale companies.  Many SEO companies charge $500 for small businesses and $2,500 for bigger organizations. 

How much should I pay for SEO services?

SEO services may differ from each  other depending on various factors.Factors such as the scope of the work to be done and the mission of the business are used to determine this. The prices are usually around $500 per month for small businesses and $2,500 for larger businesses.

Are SEO services worth it?

Yes, SEO services are worth it. Although it takes quite some time, it is very effective in digital marketing. With SEO, it might take a while to get started and even longer to see results. You have to keep up with recent changes for your site to rank well.

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