Top SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya (2023)

Top SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya (2023)

Finding the best SEO company in Kenya that delivers the marketing goals is more challenging than it sounds. There are several factors you must consider before hiring one. Think of the best practices on on-page, off-page, and technical SEO; then, you must use a digital marketing company with the experience to rank on page one.

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After all the merry with launching a website, finding an effective SEO company in Kenya will prolong that happiness. Otherwise, all the effort will end just by sharing with your friends on social media platforms about your launching a business. That should not be the case. Learn more about an SEO company, what it does, the benefits of working with one, when to hire an SEO agency, and more.

What is an SEO company?

An SEO company specializes in Search Engine Optimization services to help a business get more online visibility, get more qualified traffic sessions, and rank on page one on search engines such as Google, Bing, Safari, Baidu, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. Identifying a professional SEO services provider to collaborate with can significantly boost your company site visits, leads, and sales. You can earn more revenue and eventually expand to the business of your dreams.

What does an SEO company do?

SEO company in Kenya increases your search visibility and the number of organic sessions, which is evident from Google Analytics. The marketing agency should advise on simple things to connect the search engine via different verification methods. It is one of the first steps other than listening to your marketing goals and objectives.

What should an SEO agency provide?

Excellent SEO agencies provide comprehensive SEO audits, competitor analysis, content strategy, content development with keyword research, backlink building, and technical optimization. Best SEO agencies curate an SEO strategy to meet your marketing needs. While working in line with the objectives, an SEO company must go beyond and ensure that organic visits go beyond leads and repeat business.

While it is essential to work with an excellent digital marketing company that understands SEO, working with one that does AB tests and keeps on improving gives you maximum ROI. SEO is not a fixed journey but one agile step that adjusts to keep scaling and monitoring the constant search engine updates. Doing so guarantees future growth and, therefore, sustainability.

What are the benefits of working with an SEO company?

Even though the benefits of hiring an SEO agency for both enterprise clients and small business is almost the same, there are some differences. All of them are poised to grow the revenue of the company. Enterprise clients benefit from fewer costs, and small businesses can leverage the expertise and save time, money, and much more.

What are the benefits of enterprise SEO services?

  • Customer reach
  • Increased conversions
  • Improve brand reputation
  • Reduce dramatic changes during updates

What can SEO marketing services do for your small business?

  • Best results
  • Saves your time
  • Save your money
  • Get industry expertise
  • Experience with brands like yours
  • Better efficiency
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Business safety
  • Valuable data and insights
  • Improve your website

How does an SEO company work?

SEO companies have unique approaches to delivering marketing goals. Good SEO companies fulfill the desires of every business owner. They grow your business revenue to grow. All this is not possible when calls, purchases, or store visits to purchase products are happening.

In the same way, you hire a human resource manager to streamline the hiring process, handling payments and benefits; working with an SEO company in Kenya helps you to rank on page one of the search engines and get more visibility. It means you dominate the search engine results page (SERPS). The effect goes beyond clicks and impressions, as customers can associate their needs with your brand.

For instance, you are a bank in Kenya with the best interest rates and guarantee top security of customer funds. It means you are the leading financial institution and major in educating customers on finance, banking products, and loan repayment periods. It means you want to capture the top tier, SMEs, and B2C clients through Google, an effective customer acquisition channel.

Hiring an expert to handle your SEO campaign is expensive as their base salary is about $120,000 a year. Besides, remember that it is a one-man show, so managing all the multi-facets of SEO could be challenging. Now, getting a trusted SEO company can be the only solution. 6 to 12 months down the line, you appear on Google and Bing page one on the local business pack and the SERPS for keywords such as car financing and logbook loans. You start getting leads and begin your journey of getting busier from search.

Getting a qualified SEO firm can help you reduce ad spending. Also, the leads from organic search are more intentional about the product than seeing it on Facebook Ads after scrolling. It means they are high quality. Now you can reduce the blasting of customers via SMS, as you have a growing customer base who buy into your line of products.

As opposed to other marketing channels, which entail casting your net wide and expecting the few to get back- with SEO, the clients search for your product and get your business. If you can prove your expertise and build trust with customers continuously, they will become loyal customers. It is that easy, but you need to get an SEO expert in Kenya.  

At TopOnlineConsultants, we have elaborate analytics systems and software understanding to show traffic projections and performance. You can see the number of calls going to the business, the products you should focus on marketing, and the potential of your business in the future. In our years of business, leads tracking search has been the number one channel of customers that pay.

What is the process of working with an SEO company?

Collaborating with an SEO company for the first time leaves you with many questions. Some of them include where to start so that you can attain all your goals. Read on to find out what the TopOnlineConsultants process looks like.

First meeting

The kick-off meeting with your SEO firm in Kenya is to familiarize yourself with the goals. With the SEO strategists on board, you can work with TopOnlineConsultants on strategy and several goals in the coming 4 quarters. Here you put steps to follow to reach targeted sessions.

Moreover, you need to share product information. You should provide data about the best-selling product, which brings in profits and the targets from the finance departments. Let’s say you are an authorized reseller of Apple products, you need to move to the premium authorized reseller, and you need to sell Kshs.80,000,000 a month. Then you need to clarify if its iPhone is the bestselling and MacBook has the best margins.

From there, we need to measure the number of targeted sessions we need. Benchmarking the current performance and devices, we can measure the resources necessary to push the site on all six products. The critical thing is understanding the present performance and assessing the effort required to win the top positions on SERPs.

Audit and strategy formulation

This part is another crucial thing to working with an SEO company. The SEO audit is a SWOT analysis for winning SERPs. You get a report of missing on-page, off-page, and technical aspects. Also, it comes with a roadmap of things to implement.

In most cases, you get most of the technical jargon. Therefore, asking questions or clarifications as much as possible is recommended. TopOnlineConsultants assigns an account manager with whom you can explain every pain point.

SEO Competitor Analysis

You can give the three competitors you have an edge against you. Or seed keywords you feel clients search for when they want your product. You will also get a detailed report of the competitors’ performance and weaknesses. All the work comes in the final stage of laying the foundation.

SEO content strategy 

The documentation organizes the website from one topic to another in the form of a cluster and ensures you appear in the search results. It contains the content process for the coming 12 months. From knowing the target audience, we balance the informational, transactional, and navigational keywords in the proper proportions.

After presenting all content networks, then we can have a meeting. It helps us start content development. Here we can give a snippet of the content production process from the keyword research to the final stage, which is editing and approval.

SEO content development, Backlink building, and routine meetings

This process is based on the package you have chosen. Depending on your selected packages, you can meet the manager weekly or monthly. You can ask about the process and its impact on your campaign.

Feedback loops are given here. You need to provide feedback on traction in terms of calls and changes in business customer flow. Remember, the goal is to maximize your performance.

The SEO company you have selected can help you monitor the results. We have custom tools to measure customer flow and optimize your website to get more business. The backlinks you choose should be from domains that matter. We can also check this.

When should you hire an SEO company in Kenya?  

Regardless of your big digital marketing goals, you must understand when to hire an SEO agency. Working with the best SEO agency gives you leverage at the right time. Read on more about the benefits of partnering with an SEO company.

  • Become a brand authority in boosting rankings.
  • Grow your customer base
  • Grow your revenue
  • Product launch in line with the line of business

Hire an SEO company when you do not have the following: –

  • Enough expert SEO consultants.
  • Less team with SEO specialty
  • We need to get the right results.  

When you hire an SEO agency, you can save a lot. Building a team or hiring internships will not help you overcome the problem of getting poor results. Instead, make this a priority to contact a team that can deliver exceptional results.

Is an SEO company worth it?

Yes, it is. SEO is worthy when you collaborate with the right SEO partner who can deliver incredible results. According to Ahrefs, 4 out of 5 customers use local search engines for local information. Out of the 100%, 76% use their mobile devices to find a business within the locality. Out of those, 28% typically convert (purchase a product).

Also, recent research by Bright Edge reveals that B2B product users begin with generic searches (search without the brand name). And that Google clarifies that 53% of online shoppers research a product on search before they buy. If you are a local business, consider SEO. Get clients to walk into your business.

What are the Seo prices in Kenya?

Search engine optimization packages in Kenya are from Kshs. 100,000 (1000usd) per month to Kshs. 500,000 ($5000) per month. Getting the right SEO company, such as TopOnlineConsultants, will make you understand how the cost overrides the rewards.

What makes the Best SEO company in Kenya?

Finding the top SEO company is challenging when you need to become more familiar with it. Following the steps will give you an idea about the best SEO company, even with little SEO knowledge.

  • Check for case studies and the step-by-step process they have followed.
  • Find more customer reviews from Google and other platforms.
  • Find SEO firms with a proven track record.
  • Get them to understand your goals.
  • Look for firms with experience in your niche.

FAQs about SEO company in Kenya

Which company is best for SEO?

TopOnlineConsultants is the best SEO agency in Kenya, with more reviews. Besides, our case studies are well elaborated on the strategies we adopt. We stay ahead of news and trends, so we cannot be caught up in search engine updates.

What are the 4 types of SEO?

The different types of SEO are: –

  • Page
  • Off-page
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO

What is SEO, and how it works for small businesses?

Search engine optimization (SEO) entails helping clients get your site on search engines. Small businesses can get additional organic traffic sessions, which could translate to sales. By doing so, they grow.

SEO company in Kenya must help you accomplish all your digital marketing goals. Ensure you work with the right SEO agency. There are many marketing agencies in Kenya; choose the one who understands your goals and can offer a layout of how to help get you to the top of SERPs. You can contact our digital marketing agency for help.

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