What is PPC, and How it works? Guide to PPC marketing

What is PPC, and How it works? Guide to PPC marketing

PPC (pay per click) advertising model has gained massive traction in digital marketing. It is also referred to as CPC (cost per click advertising. If you use Google and other search engines regularly, the chances are that you have already encountered PPC advertising. So, does Pay-Per-C work?

PPC is one of the best advertising models in online campaigns, which can help drive significant traffic to your website. You will only pay the Pay-Per-Click company when your ad gets a click. This PPC guide will help you through PPC meaning and what it can do for your business.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click is the PPC full form. It is a common form of online advertising where the marketer pays for each click on their ad. Ideally, an advertiser will offer the ultimate value for every click. This is mainly based on advertising the platform, keywords, and the type of target audience.

 Pay-Per-Click advertising prevents advertisers from investing in marketing campaigns that cannot be measured quantitatively. Most businesses have benefited from the rise of the PPC campaign in Africa and worldwide.

What are the Main PPC Platforms?

The choice of PPC platforms has drastically improved over the past few years. Today, you have traditional SERPs, social media platforms, and native advertising on numerous websites at your disposal. It is, therefore, to analyze several options and pick one PPC platform perfect for your marketing needs and budget. Some common PPC networks include:

  • Google Ads
  • YouTube
  • Microsoft Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Amazon Pay-Per-Click
  • Twitter

What is Google Ads

Google ads is an incredible online marketing network from Google. Advertisers use this product to raise their brand awareness, generate traffic to their business sites, and sell their products and services. Generally, Google ad campaigns are operated online. This allows you to work on your PPC campaign at any time. You can change your settings, ad texts, or budget anywhere.

What is Bing Ads

Also known as Microsoft advertising, Bing Ads is another excellent PPC example. It provides pay per clicks campaigns on the Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo! Search engines. Ideally, marketers will show a relevant ad to people searching similar keywords. Bing Ads are more effective on more educated, older, and higher-earning users.

How to Do the PPC Setups

Campaigns and Ad Groups

PPC marketing campaigns have a clear goal: generating traffic, improving brand awareness, or making sales. Campaigns dictate the Pay-Per-Click settings, location, strategies budget, bid strategy, and target language.

Ad groups are themed sub-categories of individual campaigns. For instance, if you create a marketing campaign themed “office desks,” you can have themed ad groups, each with themed keyword variations. They may include writing desks, floating desks, shell desks, etc.

PPC Keyword Research

Your Pay-Per-Click campaign can only be as strong as your keywords. Therefore, it is crucial that you invest more time selecting powerful keywords that guarantee traffic, clicks, and conversions. The process of keyword research is partially art and part science.

Ad Copy

An ad copy is a special type of content designed to get the target audience to respond or take action. A reliable ad copy can improve a company’s sales and earnings by assuring value, invoking an emotional response, and addressing doubt. Ensure that your ad copy includes vale propositions, targeted keywords, a theme, and a powerful call to action.

How to Manage Your PPC Campaigns

First things first-identify what you hope to achieve with Pay-Per-Click advertising. For example, do you want to drive more traffic to your business website and get people to subscribe to your monthly email newsletter? Or perhaps you are trying to generate sales for your products or services? Understanding your end goal will help you know how to start and run your ppc campaigns.

  • Define your goals and expectations
  • Choose your pay per click advertising platform
  • Which keywords do you want to work with?
  • Decides on your bids and set your budget
  • Compose your ad and link to an engaging, persuasive, and relevant landing page on your business website.
  • Pay close attention and improve your keywords when need be.
  • Evaluate your ads to guarantee performance

How to Measure the Performance of Google Ads

So, you want to check the status and efficiency of Google ads on your campaign. Log in to Google ads account and clicking on keywords or Ads and extensions at the top-left of the page. By doing so, you can access statistic tables that display a holistic customizable analysis of your data. You can also measure the Google Ads performance by considering the following metrics:

  • Conversion rates
  • The average click-through rates (CTR)
  • Cost for Action or Acquisition (CPA)
  • Revenue
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Total Customer Acquisition

Types of PPC Ads Campaigns

Display PPC

Display ads mostly pop up on Google’s partner sites. It is among the most effective ways of advertising to internet users as they scroll and browse. Ideally, the ads will pop in front of users who may be potentially interested in your products or services. Some examples of display PPC include:


Sure. Video ads are mostly displayed on video content networks and platforms like YouTube and Netflix. However, they can also be displayed through social and display ad networks. Video ads are effective, easy to share, and guarantee increased engagement rates compared to traditional images.


You can easily reach your potential clients through interesting and brilliantly created texts. An advertiser can choose to run new text ads by generating either standard, expanded, responsive, or dynamic text ads.


To enhance the effectiveness of text ads, you might want to supplement them with your logo. You can find your logo in your Google Ads or Google + Accounts or choose to work with images from third-party sources.

Search Ads

Here is one of the most common Pay Per Click ads that mostly appear in search results. Generally, search ads pop at the top or bottom of SERPs on Google. You will also notice the word “ad” tagged at the top of these ads to imply paid content. Search ads are mostly text and no visual.

Location Ads

Ideally, the location ads combine location-based services and mobile advertising. It makes it easier for online marketers to target potential clients more personally, whether through online or offline messages. With the availability of location data, marketers can easily reach clients based on factors like current events or proximity to the store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of Pay-Per-Click campaign?

Pay per click has grown into one of the most crucial marketing tools for companies and business organizations with an online presence. Some of the common examples of Pay-Per-Click include display ads, search ads, and social events.

Is SEO or Pay-Per-Click Better?

The best option between SEO and Pay-Per-Click will depend on your ultimate goals, current situation, and the marketplace. For instance, SEO can guarantee you consistent results and improve your website value and authority. On the other hand, Pay-Per-Click offers massive traffic and immediate results within the shortest time.

Who Uses Pay-Per-Click?

Many people and businesses greatly benefit from effective PPC strategies and services in this technological era. Here are some of the businesses that enjoy incredible success from Pay-Per-Click campaign and Google ads advertising:

  • Home appliance companies
  • Lawsuit companies
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Internet and cable providing companies
  • Microfinance services
  • Betting companies
  • Apple authorized resellers
  • Samsung Stores
  • Real estate
  • Banks
  • Saccos
  • Fintech companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Interior design specialists

How do I Start a Pay-Per-Click?

Whether you want to start a PPC in Ghana or anywhere globally, you should strive to follow a tried and proven. Start by understanding your customer persona, analyzing possible keywords, and choosing the best based on your needs and budget. Then, write an ad and add a powerful call to action. Also, you can contact us for Pay-Per-Click campaign strategy, setup and management.

Are Facebook Ads Pay-Per-Click?

Yes. Facebook Ads is a Pay-Per-Click marketing channel.