Best web hosting in Kenya, domain registration, and email hosting companies

Best web hosting in Kenya, domain registration, and email hosting companies

Web hosting might be the most underrated element of the internet. Think about all you love about being online -the memes, tweets, podcasts, online games, and websites. Well, all these exist on a server that a company or individual pays to keep functioning and accessible.

Generally, web hosting is an invisible yet crucial part of the online experience. If you wish to launch a website, learn the basics, including the meaning of web hosting services, before embarking on your project. So, what is web hosting? 

What is web hosting?

Web hosting involves storing your website files and images on a server. The servers can be allocated anywhere around the globe and accessed through the internet. Web hosting services are offered by website providers and are renewed annually.

Types of web hosting

So, you now understand web hosting meaning. You can then explore and learn the various types of web hosting available in Kenya. Finding the best option is one of the most crucial steps of starting a website.

Different web hosting companies in Kenya offer one or more web hosting type. This depends on various factors, such as the company’s servers and infrastructure scale. There are numerous types of web hosting on every site. However, the best website hosting plan for your website depends on several factors, such as your budget, future plans, and technical expertise. 

Here are five types of Kenya web hosting:

Shared hosting in Kenya

Here is the most basic and least expensive type of web hosting available. It is the best option for small and new sites without much traffic. Ideally, many sites share a space on the server, making it easier for the hosting company to provide cheap web hosting services – or sometimes for free.

Shared web hosting has a few downsides. For instance, your neighbor’s site on the server can easily infect your site with malware or viruses. This is because all sites housed on one server must share the available resources. If one site experiences a surge in traffic that impacts the server resources, the other servers might slow down or, worse, crash.

Whether you wish to sell online, use a CMS or create a blog, shared web hosting is one way to dip your toes in the internet waters. Once your site is up running, and you are confident enough, upgrading is significantly easy.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting happens over linked servers that make up “the cloud.” This means that if your website uses cloud hosting, it is dependent on more than a single server. Cloud hosting boasts incredible power and more storage space by connecting several servers. Google web hosting is one integral component of the Google cloud platform.

While this might not be free web hosting in Kenya, it supports fast load times even when your site has much traffic. Cloud hosting is an excellent option for small businesses and new site owners to lure their users with fast load times. Such sites can also handle traffic peaks effectively without dealing with many technical tasks on their side. 

If you compare cloud hosting vs. web hosting, you will learn that these are entirely different services. For webhosting, you must always have your server or computer, while cloud hosting involves storing your website on many interconnected servers. 

Reseller hosting in Kenya

Reseller hosting involves paying for a hosting plan to sell it to a third party who needs it. This hosting boasts incredible affordability, flexibility, and reliability, making it one of Kenya’s most popular web host options. It makes it easy to start and maintain small businesses. 

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

VPS hosting is one step ahead of shared hosting. You will technically have to share a server with many other websites. However, the individual portion is partitioned away from other sites. In other words, you will have reserved space within a large shared house. Therefore, you will not experience any overlap in the use of resources but will still enjoy the cost-sharing benefits.

VPN hosting can provide incredible flexibility and space for new and evolving sites gaining much traffic. However, this type of Kenya web host service comes at a higher price than shared hosting. Besides, you will have limited access to all server resources- only what you have paid for.

Managed WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is a hosting optimized to enhance WordPress site performance and security. It offers many tools and services specially tailored to meet your WordPress site needs. This includes automatically updating WordPress to the latest versions, scanning the website to detect and eliminate security threats, and handling automated backups.

Based on the Webhosting and the plan you choose, managed WordPress hosting could be a shared, dedicated VPS or cloud web hosting. Your WordPress site will look better, load faster, handle massive traffic and remain secure.

Remember that you can only use WordPress hosting if your site is built on WordPress. Also, some WordPress plugins might be banned if they interfere with the site performance, create security problems, or are redundant. It is therefore crucial that you stick with the approved WordPress plugins.

Which is the best web hosting in Kenya?


This cheap web hosting is perfect for setting up your WordPress blog, personal website, or business landing page. It is also ideal for a solopreneur looking to enhance speed and power to your online business or company website.

First-time VPS, EasyWP, shared hosting, and reseller customers can take advantage of the Namecheap 30-day money-back guarantee. On the other hand, dedicated server clients are eligible for a seven-day refundable period.

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Kenya Web Experts

Kenya web experts is among the best web hosting in Kenya founded with one major aim- to grow the online business. It offers a wide range of services, including shared web hosting services, SSL certificates, Email services, domain registration services, among other web services.

With a highly experienced and competent team, it is not a surprise that thousands of users trust Kenya Web experts. Whether you are a new or existing business, Kenya Web Experts is all you need to move it to the next level.

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Web host Kenya

Here is another premium internet provider offering web host services and domain registration services in Kenya. Other services they offer include website design, cloud services, website security, and providing SSL certificates. Webhost Kenya provides all the features you need to keep your site up and running at significantly low prices.

Safaricom web host

Safaricom is one of the most incredible hosting companies boasting outstanding customer services. Safaricom web host services allow customers to create and customize their business websites, domains email addresses. Check out Safaricom web hosting login and learn the incredible ways through which this hosting can improve your business.

Which is the Cheapest Web Hosting in Kenya?


GoDaddy web host services is among the most established names in the Kenya internet business. It is a reliable, beginner-friendly web builder offering mobile-optimized designs. It provides you with a Content Creator to help you write excellent social media posts and a fantastic email marketing tool.

GoDaddy is one of the cheapest web hosting in Kenya, offering free plans. You can also select a paid plan that costs as low as $10 monthly. Both plans come with 24/7 customer service. Unfortunately, it is impossible to use a custom domain name with this free web host services. Also, if you wish to open an online shop, you can only use the e-commerce plan.

HostPinnacle Kenya

Host Pinnacle is top-notch with some of Kenya’s lowest web hosting prices. This web host company is all you need to build an alluring, reliable, and functional website. It is a top choice for many, partly because of its incredible customer service and affordability.

Each HostPinnacle offers a free domain, free unlimited SSL certificate, and free WHOIS privacy. Well, this is an incredible deal because you would have paid for these services if you went for other hosting companies. As such, HostPinnacle will save you a great deal of money as you start your online presence journey.

There is a wide range of reliable and affordable web hosting options in Kenya. Take some time to explore Linux vs. windows web hosting and EC2 vs. S3 for website hosting. Explore the benefits and cons of every option and choose the best for you or your business.

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Web hosting FAQs

Is web hosting free?

Numerous free web hosting companies are ideal for e-sellers, hobby bloggers, and upcoming small businesses. However, like other free things, these services might have a few limitations, including slow loading speeds. That said, large business owners, online sellers, and serious bloggers should choose paid web hosts depending on their needs.

Can I host my own website?

Yes, you can host your own website. However, before you do, consider these limitations

  • Your computer has to remain on at all times, failure to which your website might become inaccessible.
  • You must be a technical expert who knows how to set up World Wide Web server software on your computer.
  • Your internet service provider should support the website on your computer, and therefore, you should take time to check your bandwidth quota.
  • Your website might load slowly. This is because home internet connections are not strong enough to run websites.

Why do I need web hosting?

If you have a website that you love, you must invest in web host services to make your website accessible through the internet. Besides, having a web host server allows you to focus on more crucial matters, such as creating great content. It also helps you drive traffic to your site and earn great profit.

What is web hosting Vs. domain?

The main difference between domain vs. web hosting is that domain refers to the address, making it easier for visitors to access your website online. On the other hand, web hosting refers to where all your website files are housed. These two services work together to keep your website up and running.

Is Godaddy a web host?

Yes, Godaddy is a web Host that initially started as a domain registrar. Today, it is hailed as an all-in-one website builder. You can get a web hosting plan, a domain name, and a website builder –all you need to start an online store or a small company website.

Is WordPress a Host?

Yes. WordPress is a web hosting service provider that offers free and paid hosting plans. It is easy to use, flexible, and fully customizable. So, what is the difference between WordPress hosting vs. web hosting? Web hosting is an extensive overreaching service. But, WordPress hosting serves a particular niche tailored to WordPress installs.

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