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Mwananchi Credit Ltd

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Mwananchi Credit Limited – Search engine optimization strategies that help generate 7,000+ leads!


Mwananchi Credit – Search optimization strategies that help create about 8000% more actions on Google Business Profile, and 850% clicks within a year. There was 10,000% impressions rise! Mwananchi credit is an organization that provides loan products of 150,000 to 25,000, 000 shillings to SMEs that provide securities such as title deed, logbook loans, and their salaries. In the business market of logbook loans, title deed loans, salary advance loans, and car financing today, competition is fierce. The only way to cope up with the roaring competitors is by staying updated with the newest SEO tactics and strategies.

This is what Mwananchi Credit ensured by leveraging the digital domain to their benefit. But the brand was not growing as expected on the non branded assets. To increase the relevant traffic from the blog and alleviate sales numbers, Mwananchi Credit decided to step into search engine optimization to reach out to the target market they were previously missing out on.

“Ranking on the blog, non branded keywords and Google My business to scale the company seemed impossible but we did it.

As with almost every other aspect of every other industry since the coronavirus pandemic hit, there has been a huge upheaval in the way that marketing departments work.

Much like other forms of marketing, other channels that seemed worthy of focus only a few weeks after Covid-19 discovery now seem flippant at best. This means a complete overhaul of strategy. It includes long-planned content calendars and finding a way to adapt articles to this changed reality. It calls for something of a rethink of how we as SEO content creators approach our work.


The challenge with the company was to craft a strategy that could help us scale on content and Google My Business without hurting the progress (branding) that was made. The company website was getting traffic from the Mwananchi related keywords and did not get from non-branded keywords. Besides, the company had branches with operations since 2018 but the team hardly leveraged it to scale on local traffic and calls. We had to design a strategy to tackle these inadequacies. So we focused on verifying the Google My Business, pushing content, authentic PR, and backlinking that could not hurt the brand.


Since Mwananchi Credit was entering the search engine marketing domain for the first time in a robust way with an expert partner, it was a tricky task for Mwananchi Credit to not only make their search presence noticeable but also help them achieve their goals. We spent tireless days and nights and created a wholesome strategic plan that exceeded our expectations. See this-