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Digital Marketing- SEO and social media management



Globoedge Solutions Limited

Our Role

SEO Optimization, Google Ads, Social media management



Marketing, Agency

Globoedge Solutions Limted – Search engine optimization and social media strategies that helped us sell 3 devices a day!


Globoedge solutions were looking for a partner that could help them sell one Apple device a day and further grow to three devices a day. Globoedge is an authorized Apple reseller that provides genuine and up to standard Apple products- Mac, iPhone,  iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Apple Music devices. The biggest challenge was to scale and surpass the competitors some of which were hardly authorized resellers. The other issue was leveraging the non-branded searches and becoming an authority for both buying keywords and informational ones.

This is what Globoedge Solutions ensured by leveraging the digital domain in search and social to their benefit. But the brand was not growing as expected. To increase the brand awareness and alleviate sales numbers, Globoedge Solutions stepped in search engine optimization and running search Google Ads to reach out to the target market they were previously missing out on.

“Strategies which clients was using were flippant at its best but after meeting James’s team at TopOnlineConsultant gave us a boost in sales.

As with almost every other aspect of every other industry since the niche of digital marketing became a significant producer of leads in the market, it has become continuously competitive.

We restrategized and focused on areas that matter only. We relied on the data provisions to rely on what would sell and which strategies to adopt. We rolled out Google My Business search optimization, research, and audit, competitor analysis, content strategy, and laying down the Google Ads blueprint. We thought about possible strategies and did AB tests as we restructured all landing pages.


The real challenge with GloboEdge’s brand was to craft a design that symbolizes the essence of the brand & depicts the Apple product’s specifications in a clear and concise manner. The company is one of the world’s leading brands, and therefore the kind of work you are supposed to deliver is excellent. We were entering the niche for the first time- so our team had to pull working strategies and tap on the blue oceans for this niche.


Since Globoedge Solutions were getting into intense and strategic search, ad, and social media domains for the first time, it was the teamwork that would lead to effective conversions.  We hit the first target of selling a device a day and hitting the three a day. We plan to scale the company and move from an authorized reseller to a premium one. This means we increased sales by 1,000% . We have organic hits of up to 2390%.