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Online Digital Training Partner




Our Role

Digital Training



Marketing, Agency

ACWICT – was trusted to handle digital training of youth as the lead trainers!


ACWICT needed partners to help train youth and be part of the youth digital transformation! ACWICT is an organization that provides value-generation and growth-oriented training solutions to youth, women, and other vulnerable groups. The company has worked with top organizations such as the United Nations, UKAid, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Rockefeller Foundation et cetera.

ACWICT is a well grown company This is what Bayswater Financials ensured by leveraging the digital domain to their benefit. But the brand was not growing as expected. To increase the brand awareness and alleviate sales numbers, Bayswater Financials decided to step into social media marketing to reach out to the target market they were previously missing out on.

“We focused on the subject that help the country realise its vision 2030 and the big4 agenda.

We conducted quite a number of strategy meetings (our team leader) who is known as James Tumbo with the team from ACWICT. And the last one we did with Elvis Melia, the team from Rockefeller foundation. And it the first step for our success.

Much like other forms of training subjects which seemed worthy of focus only a few weeks earlier and things kept changing. This necessitated the adoption of new strategies to cater to the different learners.


The real challenge with the training was impacting the 10,000 youthful students. We were used to training our internal teams which are comprised of 5- 10. Also, the methodology of digital pedagogy was quite a challenge.  And the parameters set by the company to show success.


We successfully trained over 10,000 students and mentored one-on-one over 400 students in 2 phases. This was in SEO, digital marketing, and social media marketing. Some were able to open online working accounts and the success rate was over 90%.